One Room At A Time, Sweet Shopping!


Thanks to a referral from another client we got a call from Cassie who needed help getting settled in a new house after moving a few months ago. This sweet, busy mom of two little ones is also pregnant with her third, and works full time which leaves her without the […]

It’s Simply Yours Explores Nebraska Furniture Mart…

So…let’s see what this place is all about.

Excited about our first visit to Nebraska!













A couple weeks ago Dawn and I made our first visit to Nebraska Furniture Mart, America’s Largest Home Furnishings Store. After watching this massive store being […]

Above The Cabinet…Before and After

We are often asked to rearrange accessories above kitchen cabinets. This seems to be an area where many homeowners struggle. Here are some before and after photos from a kitchen redesign we did recently. We were able to give the client a new fresh, cleaner look using all her own items! Simply rearranging!


Go bold in your kids’ bedrooms…showcase their treasures, and reflect their personality!

If there is any room in your house that it is okay to go BOLD in your design, it is definitely your kids’ bedrooms. When I was growing up, we moved frequently, and I never ONCE got to paint my room anything other than boring beige. All I ever wanted was a […]

Like a brand new home…

Kristen, in Frisco, was referred to us by a co-worker. When she called to schedule an appointment her main concerns were working around her husband’s deer heads on the walls (not the first time we’ve done that), and adding color to her home which she felt was dull and boring. The focus of […]