Like a brand new home…

Kristen, in Frisco, was referred to us by a co-worker.  When she called to schedule an appointment her main concerns were working around her husband’s deer heads on the walls (not the first time we’ve done that), and adding color to her home which she felt was dull and boring.  The focus of our redesign would be her common areas – Foyer, Dining, Family and Kitchen.   Kristen is a working mom with three “littles” at home and she simply had not found the time to make her house a HOME on her own.  We were thrilled to come to the rescue!


When we arrived, Kristen enthusiastically greeted us at the door and walked us into the front room of her home, the formal dining room where she had an array of home accessories and wall hangings at our disposal.  It was a mix of things she already owned, and recent shopping she had done in preparation for our redesign day.

The first thing we did for Kristen’s home was relocate this large hutch which was overcrowding her foyer to the wall shared by the family room and breakfast.  Her sweet toddler boy jumped in using his muscles to “help” us push it on our sliders.    We then accessorized it using items she already owned, rearranged in a new way.



To accommodate the hutch, we brought the family’s sofa out away from the wall at an angle, facing the focal point of the room (the fireplace and TV wall).  This made her family room feel much more intimate and cozy and provided a distinction between the family room and breakfast table.


These fun pops of color warm up the space.  Kristen knew what colors she loved, so the shopping was easy and fun for her.  But she needed our help placing her new treasures in just the right place!

IMG_4775[1]This fun niche above the TV is a focal point in the room and was begging for a nice arrangement to fill the entire space.  Our designer Amy, did a fabulous job mixing textures, colors, and shapes to create interest.


We ended up with enough time to accessorize the little niche outside of Kristen’s Master Bedroom, and even discussed a future plan for her bedroom and bathroom.  Since the Master was not her top priority, we simply pulled a few things that would work in there from her assortment of home décor for her to play with later.



To maximize our time, we also left Kristen’s hubby with homework, such as hanging a few things.  Kristen found this ledge perfect to hold their family rules sign…we placed it right by the breakfast table (what better place for kids to see the rules every day), and her husband installed it to perfection that evening!



Kristen already had a great start on this ledge in her foyer.  The lanterns and folding screen she placed herself were a great combination and the perfect scale for this high area.  We suggested adding the two wood carved pieces on this grouping of 3 a grouping of 5 which filled the space more (think odd numbers for your groupings).   We left her husband with the brave task of hanging art on that high of a wall!


We also gave her some homework for more shopping after we left.  With our detailed list she rushed out that night to finish the job buying everything we suggested such as this tray for under her coffee table accessories we arranged.  (This is a helpful hint for you moms of little ones who may need to easily clear your coffee table for practical purposes day to day).

Amy and I truly loved working with Kristen, and it is always heart warming to help someone fall in love with their home again.  Especially a young busy mom who deserves to enjoy her home!

Here is what Kristen had to say when I checked back in with her after she had added the finishing touches per our suggestions…

“I feel like I have a brand new home after y’all left.  I LOVE everything you did.  My only regret is that I didn’t call you sooner”

Another house…made Simply Home.




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