Above The Cabinet…Before and After

We are often asked to rearrange accessories above kitchen cabinets.  This seems to be an area where many homeowners struggle.  Here are some before and after photos from a kitchen redesign we did recently.  We were able to give the client a new fresh, cleaner look using all her own items!  Simply rearranging!


Before… there is just a lot going on in this arrangement and it is too spread out. This is distracting and your eye doesn’t know where to focus on.   And there is WAY too much greenery!




After: the round platter is the center of one focused arrangement with a variety of height, shape and colors. A small amount of greenery softens the arrangement.


Before: Again, way too much greenery and items are too spread out. That one wine bottle is so lonely!


After: Grouped together closer, less greenery, and we added height to the lonely wine bottle which is now part of a group.


Before: Overloaded greenery (again)!


After: No greenery needed, these pots are a perfect trio. A variety of textures and heights with a pop of color. Less is more!

Here are a few things to remember when working above your cabinets (you know you are dying to go rearrange things RIGHT THIS MINUTE):

1.  Less is more.  Don’t feel like you need to cover the entire space.  Leave empty space and group accessories close together to create focal points.

2.  Scale to fit.  Fewer larger items are better than a ton of little things.  Fill the height!  Use hidden items (books, old boxes to raise things up so they show if the cabinets are recessed above).

3.  Variety is key.  Choose accessories in a variety of size, shape, texture and color to create visual interest in groupings.  I especially love to add at least one SHINY object!

4.  Greenery be gone.  Seriously, please take down the old dusty ivy, you know its a dust collector, and it’s dated.  No greenery at all is totally OKAY (and usually my preference)  If you feel like you need some greenery try just a few little pieces of something grassy, or fern-like…but “few and far between” is the rule!

Here is one more little nugget for you:

Did you know if you have less than 12″ above your cabinets its actually best to do NOTHING AT ALL.  That’s right, you don’t HAVE to decorate above your cabinets.  I have NOTHING above my own in fact…and I love that I don’t have to get up there to dust things, which by the way you do need to dust up there if you accessorize above your cabinets!

Happy rearranging…remember you can always call us if you need our expert touch!

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