It’s Simply Yours Explores Nebraska Furniture Mart…

So…let’s see what this place is all about.

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Excited about our first visit to Nebraska!













A couple weeks ago Dawn and I made our first visit to Nebraska Furniture Mart, America’s Largest Home Furnishings Store.  After watching this massive store being built for months, we were anxious to see what it was all about.  I know many of you have already been there.  Some of you already knew of this WONDER of the world from living in other states.  But here in Texas, this is a new phenomenon.  So we thought we would give those of you considering a visit there our review…

We found our way there easily following the signs leading us to exit onto Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive (what, they have their own road too??).  It was a weekday morning, and parking was easy – which led me to first think, “why do they need a parking garage?”, but I guess there is “more to come” in this area all in the same complex.  Or maybe its for the employees needed to staff their warehouse which equates to approximately 27 football fields of storage.  (Wow!)

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As the door indicates – they truly have it ALL.    It’s like Best Buy, Furniture Store, Home Goods, and a flooring store all in one.  With a bonus – See’s Candies in the corner.  (It took great self control to not buy a piece of dark chocolate with almonds, but I am proud to say kept myself away from the sweets).  Next time might be different.

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At the entrance there are directories on large screens, as well as paper maps to pick up to guide your way.  The lower level is full of accessories, lighting, wall hangings, outdoor furniture, flooring, fitness, game tables, as well as appliance ranging from the largest number of refrigerators I’ve ever seen, down to vacuum cleaners.  Oh, and computers and cameras too.  The furniture is mostly upstairs, along with a clearance center, and custom Design Gallery for those ambitious enough to take on custom designing their furniture.  Throughout the store,   we were kindly approached by sales people, in a “I’m here if you need me” non threatening way, which I greatly appreciated.  Because no one likes sales people that stalk you!

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Holy Accessories!!  We were blown away by all the home decor right inside the front doors.  Prices seemed very fair too!  Dawn even picked up a couple of fun items for her own home…but then we had to get back to the task at hand.  Scouting out the store, and finding a headboard for our client.






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Lamps and pillows galore!  Two things I LOVE, Lamps and pillows.  Bold colors.  Unique designs.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  Their selection was incredible.  I will say these two departments seemed a little pricey…but I would totally splurge on a lamp from here.   I just might have to buy it when the husband isn’t looking.  ‘You paid what for that lamp???”  Never mind dear, carry on…just leave the shopping to me.

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The pillows were grouped in a variety of locations…by color.  Which I found very helpful, if I had been shopping for a pillow that is…but remember back to the task at hand.  Checking out the entire store, and a headboard.  Focus Kristi, Focus.  Sometimes I get a little ADD in stores (and in client’s homes too) and Dawn is so good about keeping me on task…this is one reason we bring TWO of us to all appointments.  Two are better than one.  Especially when one is easily distracted.

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Time to head upstairs.  We took the stairs because Dawn and I were both wearing our Fitbits, so we wanted our steps to count…but there are escalators, and elevators available.  Just like downstairs, this level is well marked and easy to get around.   There are also 4-5 restrooms on both levels – so one is always nearby.  Just in case you have little ones with you, or maybe you drink too much coffee and tea, like I do.

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The furniture is organized like many other furniture stores – by departments which include:  Bedroom Furniture, Youth & Baby Bedroom (oh my gosh, such cute nursery stuff that I almost want a baby, almost), Youth Bedroom, Day beds, Metal and Upholstered Beds, Mattresses, Linens, Traditional Living Rooms, Contemporary Living Rooms, Living Room Packages, Motion Furniture, Home Theater, Dining, Leather Furniture, Clearance Center, and of course the Design Gallery.  So if you know what you are looking for…you can go to the right department and browse a variety of price ranges all in one place.

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The youth section has a great little hang out area for your little shopping companions, complete with a movie playing, and a “treehouse”.  I almost got sucked into watching the Little Mermaid.  It’s the music that lured me right to it.   I, however, cannot bring my 9 year old daughter here, because she is currently obsessed with Owls, which were abundant in the girls’ rooms decor, and this would prompt a redesign of her bedroom. Maybe this summer.  Shhh…until then don’t tell her about this cute Owl stuff I saw.

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The custom design center was well staffed with those ready to assist you in creating something beautiful.  You can choose not only your style of furniture (leg type, arm style, cushions, what shape you want your sectional, how long, etc) but choose from an array of custom fabrics to make your room a dream come true.  This is not for the faint of heart or those who struggle with decision making…but for some, this could be a great tool.

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And then…after our exploring of every corner of the store.  WE FOUND IT.  The perfect headboard for our client…very similar to her Pottery Barn inspiration piece, but at a fraction of the cost.  (No disrespect to Pottery Barn – LOVE THEM, great store, great products…just not everyone, myself included can afford to furnish an entire house, or even one corner of a room from there…)

It did take a minute to find a sales person at the moment we were ready to make our purchase – but, once we found him, he was tablet in hand ready to process our order right on the spot.  He was knowledgeable, and able to sell me the headboard and footboard for a lower price, without the bed frame (since my client had wanted a headboard only).  And of course it was in stock and ready to go home with us that day (this is where the 27 football fields of storage comes in handy – no waiting!)

Within minutes we were on our way to customer pick up with our order number.  The entire process was AMAZING, and fast.  I drove up to the bank teller like drive thru and the lady somewhere inside the voice box asked for my order number, then directed me to park in a specific bay number.  Before I could even get my van in park two guys were rolling a cart my way and putting the king size headboard & footboard in a box into good ole’ Sylvia the Sienna minivan – who never ceases to amaze me with the things she can fit in her and haul.  (Saved my client the $70 delivery fee, which wouldn’t be bad for a large piece…but for a $250 bed frame…I was all for the pick it up myself method).


Two days later we were able to install the bed (along with curtains and a lamp purchased elsewhere), and transform our client’s room.

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She actually loved it so much, she even decided she wanted to add the foot to her bed as well.  So, I just called Nebraska Furniture back, they quickly processed the order for the rails needed to connect the headboard with the footboard, and it is ready for us to pick up tomorrow!  Customer service…we rate EXCELLENT.  After just this one experience.

Overall we LOVED this store from the moment we entered, to the smile on our clients face when she saw her bed.  It wasn’t really as overwhelming as I expected.  We had planned a day where we could be there for a long time, but really we saw it all (in quick browse mode) in less than two hours.   We will be back, Nebraska Furniture Mart.  And not just for the bed frame we are picking up tomorrow.  We will be BACK often…I hope an occasional trip will be shopping for myself, and not always for clients!

This is Dawn and Kristi…of It’s Simply Yours, giving Nebraska Furniture Mart TWO THUMBS UP!!

We definitely recommend you check it out.  And call us, if you need our help…we will meet you there!  We ♥ shopping!

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