One Room At A Time, Sweet Shopping!



Thanks to a referral from another client we got a call from Cassie who needed help getting settled in a new house after moving a few months ago.  This sweet, busy mom of two little ones is also pregnant with her third, and works full time which leaves her without the time and energy to make her new house feel like home.  She and her husband purchased a great new sectional for their family room, which left us with some of their old furniture to create a cozy sitting room for them in place of a formal dining room they would not use.  At our initial consult we rearranged furniture and discussed some ideas for this room and the rest of the home.  Since Cassie doesn’t love to shop, nor does she have the time or energy she sent us off to do the shopping for her.   Yay, shopping!!

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Pillows, pillows, pillows!  She mentioned loving the plum color, and golds and there were so many fun pillows that would work with her fabulous turquoise chairs that we just had to bring the stores to her with lots of options to play with.  We always over shop and bring options to our clients…so they can have a say in their choices.

cassie2 cassie5

Here is the winner!  Beautiful rich plum with gold details.  Also, in our initial appointment we suggested re-purposing curtains that were not working for her in the kitchen to this room, and her awesome hubby did his homework and hung them for us before we arrived today.

cassie4 cassie3

We also brought two options for art work over their bar area.  They both wanted something industrial for this wall, and we even found the exact one that Cassie had pinned on her Pinterest board (the one on the right), but the circles on the left won her over, and the combination of gold and silver with the round detail really was the perfect addition to the room.

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On the opposite side of the room we hung their a collage of family photo canvases over their coffee area.  They are the perfect view from her cozy chairs when she is enjoying a much needed cup of coffee.



So after 2 hours of our shopping time (for this room and others), and 1.5 hours to install and consult on her next project (the entry and family room), we left Cassie with one finished room to enjoy.  A place to relax and put her feet up. Other than the two pillows, and metal art we used all her own things to create this space.


During today’s visit we also planned her entry/foyer and niche area and left her with some ideas for shopping and browsing on Etsy to complete those spaces.  And we decided on art, decor, and curtains for her family room all using ideas from Pinterest and Etsy that she can easily order while sitting in the comfort of her new beautiful room.  And now we are off to shop for the rest of the family room list for her:  pillows, picture frames and throw blankets.

One room at a time.  Make your house a home.

 Need shopping? Call us!  We love to shop!  Let us bring the stores to you!

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